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The First Men on Mars


 The First men on Mars W.I.P. - click for a larger view


(work in progress – this is the background plate…)

Another illustration in The Memories of the Future series. The joint operation of the Chinese Space Agency and the ESA. It is year 2067. After one year of stay, waiting for the correct planetary interposition for return, The First Man (actually a woman!) to step on Mars, comrade Li Yanqui and the rest of her numerous, mixed EU and Chinese crew are preparing for the long journey home. The illustrations depicts the moment when their starship Huo Xing Neau stops in the high Martian orbit near the moon of Phobos to pick up the remaining group of engineers and workers from the Phobos Station building site. Thanks to the low Phobos gravity, crew members from the Phobos Station can reach the ship using their personal backpack propulsion units.

(a rough sketch of the image - click for a larger view)

(a rough sketch of the image - click for a larger view)

The viewpoint of the picture is situated at some 100-200 m above the Phobos surface and at some 50-70 m from the ship. It uses a sort of a “vertical panorama”. In the lower part we can see deep down to the rugged and airless surface of Phobos with its close horizon and the Phobos station and there are some people in pressurized suits and with jet-backpacks, leaving the station and flying upwards at various heights. Some of them are directed directly to the ship, while a few others took a slightly different direction of approach, in order to take some photographs before they leave for good. One amongst them is quite close to the illustration viewpoint, on the left, with a digital camera in his hands. In the upper part there will be the spaceship in the upper left and the enormous Mars disc in the upper background, over the star field.

Since in the outer space there’s no air, the atmosphere effect can not be used to emphasize distance. So only humans in spacesuits at various distances will be used for that purpose. I intend to use all existing scientific data on Mars and Phobos in order to recreate the scene as much realistically as possible. That includes hi-res optical and radar (elevation) maps of Mars, images and other data on Phobos etc.

(initial sketches of the starship - click for a larger view)

(initial sketches of the starship - click for a larger view)

The Chinese spaceship concept is a story for itself. It shouldn’t be too futuristic; it is only 2067 and not some 24th century so it should be designed more in the visual style of the current space technology, especially the current American, Russian and Chinese capsules. Since the journey to Mars and back takes some half to one year in each direction, there should be some kind of artificial gravity for the crew during the journey, otherwise their muscles might stop functioning in spite of everyday exercise. The simplest method of achieving artificial “gravity” that today’s technology offers is by using a rotating ring, so that the centrifugal force can be used to replace the missing gravity. So the crew will mainly reside and work in the rotating ring, while the central part of the ship will be used for short stays, engines, storage, hydroponics etc.

I hope I’ll manage to finish the illustration the way I imagined it.


Energy drink ad

Energy Drink - Animated Test Scenes

Energy Drink - click on the image to see the clips

A test montage of four clips at the beginning of a 3D CG ad for an Italian client. The client went broke so I had stopped the work on the ad – but now I’m seriously considering the possibility to go on with it – and use it for my own “advertising”.  One thing that definitely needs attention is the CA of the main “actress”, as the 3D software had an awful set of CA tools back then.


Titanic’s Last Departure II

Titanic II wire

(work in progress)


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